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We believe that man is a created being and that we are in the world created by the Creator meant for his purposes.  Back in the Garden of Eden man walked in close relationship with the Creator learning about his purpose and about the eternal kingdom.  It was inevitable that man who is made in the image of the Creator would need to be tested if he was to realize his true position within the kingdom.  Sin entered the world when man disobeyed the Creators command to not eat of the tree of knowledge.  Since then man has been under the curse of sin and in need of redemption to get back to his eternal position with the Creator. 

The Creator no longer walked closely with man and man had to work hard to survive and work hard at knowing who the Creator is.  Man had a choice within himself to choose to know the Creator and keep the inner commands of their conscience or ignore what they knew was right and do what ever they wanted.  The serpent Satan/Lucifer was more than happy to deceive man and  turn his heart to things of this world.  Angels called the watchers in league with Satan defied the Creator and came to the earth and had relations with man corrupting the human gene producing a Nephlim race of giants.(Genesis 6)   These Watchers and Nephlim corrupted mankind to the point that The Creator destroyed the earth with a flood keeping just a handful of mankind alive.  Unfortunately the Nephlim gene survived and the corruption started all over again. This time the Watchers were imprisoned and the Nephlim gene gradually declined.  This is when the Creators plan of redemption started to form.  Abraham a man justified by faith gave birth to the 12 tribes of Israel.  Israel was a nation set apart for the purposes of the Creator who's name was revealed to be Yahweh, Yah, YHWH.  Through Moses and the prophets customs were passed down to be an example in history of Yahwehs plan of redemption keeping the nation of Jews separate from all other nations in custom and  genes in order to preserve the bloodline of the Messiah, his plan for redemption.  Everything about their customs, historical events and prophecies was pointing to a future Messiah that would be the lamb to take away the sins of the world. While other nations followed false gods  empowered by demons the Jews followed Yahweh. 


After many mighty miracles the Jews ended up in the promise land  and built one of the most legendary Kingdoms of the age under King Solomon.  But the children of Yahweh drifted from his commands and the kingdom split.  10 of the 12 tribes were dispersed to the ends of the earth becoming many of the Indigenous that we know today.  The Remaining two Judah and Benjamin stayed in the promise land living under empire rule.  After 400 years of religiousness confusing things the Messiah emerged fulfilling all the prophecies of the old testament.  Even though the Messiah Jesus/Yahshua came speaking the true message of the kingdom; repentance, loving the Creator and your neighbour as well as with many signs and wonders the religious Jews were blinded and murdered him on a cross.  3 days later mankind was redeemed and the plan of salvation was announced to mankind  when Yahshua was raised from the dead.  He appeared to many people before ascending to the sky and telling his followers to wait for his spirit the Holy Spirit which would comfort and guide them until his return at the end of age.  After the day of Pentecost the believers were empowered by the Holy Spirit with a new gospel accompanied by signs and wonders.  It was revealed that salvation was for all mankind past present and future for the Jew and Gentile alike.  This new faith exploded all over the earth and eventually became persecuted by the kingdoms of this world which is ruled by Satan.


This continued until Satan came up with a better strategy, he adopted the believers into an official religion called Christianity.  This institutionalized the faith and mixed it with pagan beliefs forming the Catholic church which became the great harlot.  Great effort was taken to cover up the truth of the power that believers had and all scripture and knowledge was held hostage by the Catholic Church.  Now man was under great deception when he went looking for the truth, to follow Yahweh's commands.  Man had to strive with great effort to find that truth through a religious system implemented to control people.  Eventually people figured out something was amiss and Martin Luther with others , led a separation from the Catholic church and mankind now had access to scriptures and knowledge of how to live out their faith again.  This was still not a complete revelation and mans tendency to make religious constraints continued in the protestant movement again becoming strongholds of control.  Since then the Holy Spirit has moved on many people and spurned genuine revivals through things like evangelical Christianity.  But the Vatican never rests and has been subverting these movements ever since corrupting churches from within making them far from what they are supposed to be. 


Overtime the kingdom of darkness took on a new form operating through crafty people that had no allegiance to church or state and through trickery and conspiracy subverted the kingdoms of the world and has now got them all working together  in what the scriptures call the activity of Satan.  This happened at the same time the Watchers had been released and it changed the course of humanity into this world of technology and confusion we have today.  We believe that we are living in the time right before Yeshuas return and that these days are like the days of Noah when technology rapidly advanced as mankind breaks every natural law in the name of progress.  It is harder than ever to find truth as this rapidly changing world we are part of is full of deep deception. 

-We believe in general we need to distance ourselves from the things in this world especially the invasive technology. 

-We believe that religion including Christianity are restrictive containers we need to shed in order to experience the fullness of the kingdom.   Even though Christianity has the fundamentals right, how it is implemented in many cases is not in line with the true message of Yeshua.

-We believe the Bible is inspired scripture containing the word of God.  We recognize that much of it was written by man and translated through a few languages by controlled institutions.  The scriptures today  have been found to be mostly accurate being cross referenced by many ancient manuscripts and we believe the most important messages are still in tact and true.   It is still the main source of inspiration to draw close to the Creator and we still rely on it heavily day to day.  We are weary of the watering down of modern translations and seek to keep it as close to the KJV as possible being the standard of good translations.  We also believe that other books can be inspired scriptures such as the book of Enoch which is included in the Ethiopian Bible and the book of Jasher.  To sum it up the Bible is not the Creator and is not words directly out of his mouth although there are many passages that are translated from words directly spoken by Yahweh and his son Yahshua .  The Bible is a guide,  aid and tool to keep us on track. We should be in relationship with Creator through the Holy Spirit and be listening to his living word.

-The True name of the Creator is Yahweh,YHWH,  Yah the Eternal Self Existing.  We do our best to refrain from using the term God because for one it is generic and secondly it only started to be used in the 6th century originating from 3 Germanic tribes in which the Term God stemmed from Gaut thier pagan diety.    The name Jesus is also a translation and some have debated that it is derived from zues.  The true name of the Messiah in the original language is יהושוע  Yahushua  meaning Yah is Salvation.  Also Yeshua and Yahshua is commonly accepted.   In Isiah 7:14 it says his name shall be called Immanuel “God With us”.    We don't believe that people are not calling on the Messiah when they use the name of Jesus and that they are not saved, we  know how cunning our enemy satan is and we too are on a journey of truth.   With this knowledge we still accept the name Jesus, believing that Yeshua identifies with his new English name and responds much the same when heart felt people call upon it.  It is a very difficult thing to figure out, maybe we are not supposed to.  In short we like to use all the names ascribed to him.   

-Since it has been revealed that the Christian holidays are rehashed pagan holidays, we choose to celebrate the major messianic Jewish holidays .  All of the Christian holidays are celebrated by unbelievers, Christmas and Easter to most people in the world is about family, gifts and chocolate eggs.

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