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Andrea Usworth

Andrea Usworth, of Natural Wisdom, is an upbeat, and dynamic, native of Ottawa, Canada. Andrea holds a diploma as Natural Health Counsellor ( N.H.C.).She graduated in 2006 as that year's valedictorian with her Diploma of Natural Health, from the International Academy of Health Sciences and carries advanced certifications in a variety of "natural health modalities" 

As an effective instructor, Andrea brings applicable knowledge to both her clients and students, inspiring them to embody better health, in a positive and relaxed manner. Presently, she offers an array of courses and talks in Ottawa, and the surrounding areas. Andrea also teaches through The International Academy of Health Sciences, The Ottawa Catholic School Board and Carleton University.

We are of the natural world.

This is what & who we are! By gaining a deeper understanding of our own nature(s), we are, better equipped, to adapt to the only constants in life…change! By learning/experiencing our microcosmic selves, understanding of the macro cosmic universe can then heal and reveal itself!

By combining ancient philosophies, principals, practices and techniques with modern science and skill, we can & will, unify and harmonize like never before!

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