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Triple Seven At Your Service /// 
We offer a wide range of services including; design, decor, state of the art lighting, sound reinforcement & video just to name a few.  Our professional team goes above and beyond to provide the very best event services for any and every client we work with.



We are visual people and we are living in a visual world!  Here at Triple Seven we offer professional live VJing services.  Our work is custom tailored to suit each event.  We use high impact graphics, (may of which are original art works by Jewely Gee Vegys,) for maximum effect.  


The videos are integrated and synchronized to move with the music.  Images are manually manipulated to using RESOLUME to take the viewer on a journey!


We specialize in working with festival organizers, promoters, set and or stage designers as well as artists who want to bring their art to life. 


Lighting design sets the mood and tone of your event and can be used to enhance any venue, large or small. It can make a dramatic statement or simply add elegance or flair.


Triple Seven's creative lighting designer will work with you to design a floor plan, select a lighting system and implement a design that best fits the vision you have for your event.


With our experience and your collaboration, Triple Seven makes your vision come to light!


Triple Seven will provide a complete and comprehensive sound reinforcement system for any type of event - big or small.


Our professional and talented team of sound engineers coupled with our access and knowledge of top-notch equipment assures the quality and excellence of sound that has come to be synonymous with the Triple Seven image.



Interested in hiring us for one of your special events? Let's Talk.​


The key to throwing a memorable party is to think outside the box .  


Whether your upcoming event is elegant or edgy, intimate or in your face, Triple Seven will help transform your space into one that you and your guests will be sure to remember.


We offer a wide range of creative elements and ideas that can be implemented to your event no matter your budget.  From glow sticks, to hand crafted decorations, themes, visuals and multimedia, actors, hula hoops or choreographed dancers, Triple Seven will work with you to take your event to the next level!





Many of us like to entertain - whether it be within our homes, a bar, club or resturant, big rave, private party etc - but hate spending all our time with hostess duties. Triple Seven's Hostessing Services lets you have the best of both can entertain and enjoy your event and know that  capable and competent professionals are handling the hostess functions.


Triple Seven's own Jewely Gee Vegys has been hostessing for over 7 years.  She has hosted dinner parties, club events, workshops, grand openings & well as stadium sports events & was a hostess at BC Place during the 2010 Winter Olympic Games.


From greeting guests to serving food to maintaining the atmosphere, Triple Seven will make sure that you feel like a guest at your next event!



From the studio to the dance floor - Spiritually Minded aka Adam Vegys  - will bring you through an emotional journey of original music, awakening your spirit.


With a focus on positive high energy vibes, Spiritually Minded brings a flavour of multiple genres to the dance floor.  That combined with his quick and creative mixing will give you reason to dance harder!


WIth over 10 years producing and DJing, Adam seeks to give back to the community through his extraordinary live sets  which combine live instruments, visuals and the creation of the Spiritually Minded Experience!









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