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The Free Creative Society Presents a Freedom Gathering!
A Sustainable Network Event 


Join us for workshops during the day, a makers market and feast in the evening and a party at night!


October 17th at Triple Seven
75 Rue Saint Redempteur
in Hull!


A one day festival and conference to further the creation of

a sustainable network that can look after itself.

With the direction of the world we can no longer rely on

corrupt governments to supply our basic needs. It's time to

unify all like minded organizations, communities and groups

and work together to create a sustainable network providing

a secure and prosperous means of existence.

If we are going to change our reality so we are not dependent

on the system we need to have local networks that have all

the services we need to survive and thrive. This won't happen

unless we meet together to network, plan and celebrate.


Workshops for the Day

PLANDEMINC SCREENING - Knowing the 1/2 the battle...

Builders Forum - For people with building skills to discuss building strategies for communities. There will be a focus on coming up with solutions for the most affordable and rapidly deploy able homes.

Network Building - This is an interactive session to catalogue all the skills and services within the network and to discuss strategy in how to build a connected network of sustainability




This is a private event in sovereign space. You need to register and agree to the guest social agreements.
No Medical Masks Required!
This is a non alcoholic event. 420 friendly.
Free Kratom, Coffee and Cannabis!

Suggested door price of $20 or PWYC

Please send an etransfer or paypal payment to secure your spot! Limited availability!

To register and pay please send an email to

The Schedule of Events will be mailed out prior to the event - here is a little taste though:

12pm - Plandemic Indoctornation Screening

2:30 - Builders Forum/Network Building

5pm - Market and Feast (different live acts and talent)

8pm - Network General Assembly

9pm - Band
10pm - DJ Warm Up & Ecstatic Dance
11pm - Second Sight

Do you have some knowledge to share with everyone? Let us know and we can make some time in the schedule.

Let's DO this!
Cause if not NOW, then when?
And if not US, then who?
Let's wait no more...


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