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The spiritual offering of Triple7 is one of Love, Forgiveness and Healing. We believe that by following the Creator Yahweh and his son Yeshua along with loving God and loving our neighbours a revolutionary revival will break out. One that brings restoration, internal prosperity and miracles. We do not ascribe to any religion but rather we develop our own traditions based on principal and conscience rooted in Scriptural truth. Using a level approach to leadership we simply unite people together for community, ritual,  prayer, meditation, healing, teachings and we connect them directly to Holy Spirit.

We hold weekly, monthly and quarterly events / workshops on; Inner Healing, Worship, Prophecy, Discipleship, Creative Art, Sabbaths, Feasts, Festivals, Dancing, Self Sustainability and Self Governance & how to have Strong Unified Community!

Check out our events calendar OR drop us an email to get more info!

SPIRITUALITY /// spir·it·u·al·i·ty


1.the state or quality of being dedicated to Yah.

2. the condition or quality of being spiritual.

3.a distinctive approach to religion or prayer: the spirituality 

of the ancient Apotles.



1.the sole Supreme Being, eternal, spiritual, and transcendent, 

who is the Creator and ruler of all and is infinite in all attributes.

TRUTH /// truth



a verified or indisputable fact, proposition, principle, or the like: 

spiritual truths.

/// Check out some of these useful links if you are interested in deep truth:


To understand the world we live in, we must understand the symbols surrounding us. To understand those symbols, we must dig up their origin, which are often deeply hidden in occult mysteries. In short, this site aims to go beyond the face value of symbols found in pop culture to reveal their esoteric meaning.​




Explore the shadowy corners of current events, pseudo-ethical science, and the spiritual implications of the fast in coming future...


Canary Cry Radio is a podcast broadcasted to apprise the believing community of the impending push for a global lock down as prophesied in the ancient scriptures. It also aims for the general public to explore what the Biblical worldview has to offer regarding the topics of a global governmental, economic, and spiritual conspiracy.


A thoroughly researched and written account of what is really going on in the church today.  


Most people from Gen Y & Z would not step foot into a church and it's for good reason.

Read this blog to get a birds eye view as to what's really going on.  It's ok to reject religion, but don't reject God because of it.

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